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Grouch 11-18-2003 09:32 PM

Houston, Texas

AleroDownSouthGirl 11-19-2003 12:10 AM

Paulina, Louisiana.

(Thats between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, by the way!)

kdj5k 11-19-2003 09:22 AM

i'm from Macon, Georgia

blueyezalero 11-19-2003 01:19 PM

I'm in Austin, Texas

ziaplayboy 11-20-2003 01:49 AM

Las Cruces New Mexico

Grouch 11-20-2003 03:02 PM


Originally posted by ziaplayboy@Nov 19 2003, 10:49 PM
Las Cruces New Mexico
dang, how long you been hiding up there? I've been in El Paso for the past 3-yrs. I'm moving to Houston at the beginning of December.

ImSoBored 11-20-2003 07:23 PM

PalmBay Florida

ziaplayboy 11-20-2003 11:30 PM

ive been in las cruces for about three years
i go to NMSU
why are u leaving el paso Grouch??

Grouch 11-21-2003 04:51 AM

My job is moving me from El Paso to Conroe (just north of Houston).

alerov6 11-21-2003 10:35 AM


Skiboarder311 11-21-2003 07:56 PM

i'll be in dallas from nov 23rd 'til teh 28th :D :D :D

SprtSedan01 11-22-2003 01:00 PM

Jackson, MS, I think I'm the only one here from Mississippi.

deth_returned 11-23-2003 11:39 AM

Las Cruces new mexico, well unless im at my duty station ft. huachuca AZ, or deployed like I have been for the past 11 months, word is ill be coming home in february woot woot. Anyway sucks ill be missing the holidays but somethings complaining doesnt help. I hope everyone here has a great and safe holiday season, my best wishes from kuwait.

SPCIC Griffith :thumbsup:

I8ayellowcrayon 11-23-2003 06:17 PM

Fayetteville Arkansas, NW part. :thumbup:

PyroViper 11-23-2003 07:05 PM

Gainesville, FL- Home of the U.F Gators

geedog66 11-27-2003 09:32 PM

columbus, geogia

Sportalero 11-28-2003 12:55 AM

Shreveport, La

AleroHawk 12-02-2003 02:45 AM

Jacksonville, Florida here.

swimmarz13 12-04-2003 02:05 PM

Boca Raton Florida, about 20 mins from the film location of 2 fast

jabartram 12-06-2003 03:03 AM

Corpus Christi, TX

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