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zzyzzx 05-31-2011 10:12 AM

Interdynamics Heavy-Duty R-134a Charging Hose with Extra-Long Hose

Interdynamics Heavy-Duty R-134a Charging Hose with Extra-Long Hose and 90" Push-and-Lock Coupler
Part No. GBM-4

R-134a charging hose with extra-large gauge face, push-and-lock coupler, extra long hose and all bass fittings.

Product Features:
Easy-to read extra-large gauge face with protective rubber housing
90'''' push-and-lock coupler with auto shut-off
Extra-long 24" hose
All fittings solid brass

The reason you need this is on the 3400 engine, the low side port is in a really hard to get to place, so you do need a holse this long. I like having the gauge. This product was easy to use (although I had lost of experiece with the old R-12 cans as well). It appears to be good quality, although someonce on Autozon'e website said that the piercing the can par broke after three uses (that's why you save the reciept).

jackal2000 06-01-2011 10:21 PM

worked well for me. plenty long enough to run it up behind the coil packs and safely away from the belt and all moving parts. i'd recommend this to anyone.

zzyzzx 06-03-2011 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by jackal2000 (Post 586788)
worked well for me. plenty long enough to run it up behind the coil packs and safely away from the belt and all moving parts. i'd recommend this to anyone.

I didn't think of that. I took the more direct route near the belt and all the moving parts.


zzyzzx 06-18-2012 12:06 PM

Now that I have used it some more, I have found that the can tap can be closed and you can take one can and top off multiple cars with it.

zzyzzx 08-02-2016 12:26 PM

Update: Mine is broken already.

The reverse check valve is not working.
The threads where you screw on the can are messed up. Yes, that could easily be my fault, but they are only giving you 2 turns worth of threads. When I compare that to my Mastercool can tap that I use with my gauge set, I see 3 whole turns.

Also, there are lots of Amazon reviews for this item, and plenty of people suggesting that it will break if you use it a lot, which I did (on several cars).

I know it's been 5 years, but I do tend to keep stuff a long time, and quite frankly, one really only uses this during the summer. I found it convenient and quicker to use this over my gauge set since there are only 2 connections to make (which means less places for it to leak as well).

I will buy another one, but it will be a different brand. I might try contacting Interdynamics first though.

If for some reason you do want to buy this Interdynamics one, I see them on Home Depot's website for $20, and you can use their website to find a store that actually stocks them.

zzyzzx 08-02-2016 11:48 PM

OK, so I contacted the manufacturer and this was their response:

Thank you for contacting Spectrum Brands GAC. If you could please send the product in to the address provided below, that way we can test the product to see if the GBM-4 is defective. Once we've received the product from you, and find that it is defective, we will then issue you out a replacement. If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us at 1-(888)-318-5454. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-7pm CST, Saturday 10am-4pm CST & Sunday 10am-3pm.

Spectrum Brands GAC Support
2901 W. Kingsley Rd.
Garland, TX 75041

Spectrum Brands GAC Consumer Support
Home of A/C Pro, Armor All, STP, Son of a Gun, & Tuff Stuff!

What do you guys think? Seriously would you spend $6.45 to ship something to them to MAYBE get another one of questionable quality shipped back to you? It's not just me, reviews on Amazon suggest that this item is not built to last.

I can get a new one (different brand) for under $15 on eBay.

Nas Escobar 08-04-2016 01:07 PM

I'd get a new one and forget the broken one.

zzyzzx 08-05-2016 10:47 AM

I'm probably going to buy this one as a replacement:

The Interdynamics one is $25 in the store, and IMO, for that price it should have lasted longer.

zzyzzx 05-22-2017 11:33 AM

OK, I did finally buy that replacement model from coldfusionacparts on eBay. It's exactly like the interdynamics part, except there is on IDQ branding in the gauge, and the end piece does not use a 90 degree connector, and it's way cheaper. I was hesitant to buy this one because I was thinking that maybe I would like the 90 degree end piece better, but now that I have used this eBay one, I think with it going straight in, it's actually better.

Revised eBay link for anyone else who wants one:

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