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mrbreezeet1 01-20-2017 08:50 PM

hazard Warning switch And Bracket/Plate, Also center Vent
Parts Found
If anyone has an Alero for parts,
if They could sell reasonably, plus postage,
The bracket that holds the hazard warning switch in, and the switch itself, and I also need the center A/C vent, (got inpatient and broke it)
I know they could all ship on a Padded Flat rate Envelope, for about $7.00
I would be grateful!:p
PM Me Please,
Thank You,
Parts Found

mrbreezeet1 01-21-2017 06:40 PM

Yeah, I went to the "You Pull IT" Today, they had a Few Alleros, and a few Grand Am's
"Just for fun" I looked at the Grand Am., different Hazard all together, Different vents all Together. Has the separate Round vents, like 3 of them in the center IIRC.
He charged me (well they charge a dollar to get in)
$10.00 for the Vent, the plastic bracket, and I took the switch too.
Only thing, the plastic bracket is starting to crack on one side,
I'm gonna glue it, and wrap electrical tape around it.....
But I dropped my 7mm 1/4" drive semi deep, So looking for that, found about $2.00 in change...................LOL...........I did find my socket too,

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