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Valley olds 10-03-2017 09:16 PM

Stalling and Other Stuff
Hello everyone. My car hadn't really given me any trouble, but lately its been giving me a bit. I am not sure if the issues are connected, but here goes.
Last week, on my way home, my cars gauges stopped working. At the same time that this happened, my AC also went out. After that trip I turned the car on again, and it has not done that since.
Something that it has done a bit lately though, is when I am idling for a while, my AC seems to disengage. At the same time, my temperature needle rises to nearly 3/4. After I start driving though, Temperature starts dropping and AC re-engages.
To top it off, today, on my way home, my car seemed to want to shut off, it kind of stalled at around 75, but immediately resumed normal operation, and behaved the rest of the way.
There is no check engine light, so I am not really sure how to go about this. The one issue that I know for a fact it has ignition passlock issues. It will mostly give me a hard time on cold days though.

My theory: I don't know what hack my mechanic did for the passlock when I first got the car, but the gauge thing makes me think that the car, at that point wanted to shut off, but whatever hack was done by my mechanic prevented it from doing so, thus everything went out except for the engine. And normal operation of everything did not resume until engine was restarted. As far as the AC and temperature at idle though, I have no theories at all.

Thank you

Valley olds 10-22-2017 04:06 AM

Car no longer seems to be stalling. It does still overheat a bit when idling a lot though, and AC does occassionally cut off. Now, I think that it is two issues though. The overheating, I attribute to the fans, and the AC, I blame on the blend door actuator. I will have it looked at later to make sure.

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