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Alerodriver17 10-31-2017 12:59 AM

Pinout of the ABS Connector?
Does anyone have the pinout for the ABS pump Connector? I just replaced the transmission in my Alero, and in the process, the ABS speed sensor harnesses got ripped in two but we soldered them back together and it worked for a while. But now the light is on from the moment the car is started and it used to only come on while turn the wheel while the car was in motion. With winter here soon and the first snow not far away. It would be very nice to have ABS and traction control. So my assumption is that the speed sensor harnesses lead directly to the pump, so Iím going to get new hubs and harnesses and run the harnesses directly to the ABS pump because I DO NOT want to pull a lot of the engine bay harness back to replace the speed sensor harnesses. So if I can do it this way that would be SO MUCH easier. So does anyone have the pinout for the ABS pump Connector so I can get this done?


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