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could be half and half though, maybe his motor is getting built and he understands the jist of it, but doesn't have the time or tools to do it, but he may be putting together the turbo kit himself.......
I'll admit that my bottem end is being put together at a shop, because I am not gonna chance a little clearence eff up by me, cost me $3000 or $4000 grand, and I am also not gonna do my own heads, you bet your ass the best 60degree shop WOT-TECH will be doing my heads, but I will be assembling everything else myself, and fabbing up the supercharger setup.....

thats exactly what it is im putting the motor,5 speed swap,turbo kit and full suspension in myself but i dont have the tools to put together a motor nor do i fully trust my self to not screw up a 4k investment
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