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Manifold Progress

Well busy night i finally got the manifold roughly fitted together to make sure it all fits and get a rough idea on the routes of the rest of the pipes to the turbo. Be genital this is my first project welding anything and this is just a starting mock up to test fitment and ideas.Well to start off i cut off the stock flange

Then i had to put in 3 inch spacers to clear the engine which is just 3 inch sections cut out of the stock exhaust.

All tacked in place

The rough fitment and now i got to cut them all to the same height and level it.

Then i tacked together the actual manifold pieces still need to order 2 90* bends yo finish of the end

Setting everything up to tack in place

All Tacked up

Still need to adjust the gaps and get it all fitted right

And this is how its going to fit in and the 3 inch down pipe from the turbo goes under everything

And the other 90* to make it around the side towards the turbo

So everything seems to fit pretty good i still need the 2 90* bends for the end. I also need to move the heater core lines and fuel lines out of the way for that side to fit but i think its coming along
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