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Originally Posted by [ion] C2 View Post
I squirted urethane into my stock transmission mount which helped immensely.

My suspension is stiffer now so last time I was at the track I had no issue with traction, but it was also slow off the line. I brake torqued in a parking lot recently to test launch and just feathering the throttle the tires spin like crazy now as soon as I let off the brake from 2200 RPM. It's nice that it has more torque but I have a feeling I might need sticky tires for the track now.. we shall see. Really hoping to finally hit the 12 number.. I know it all lies in the launch and the high end tune (currently noticed it's 13.5 AFR at wide open in the higher RPMs, lame. Tuning tonight.)

13.5?! Take it to 11.
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