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rocker panel repair

hi,i took my car to the garage for the yearly inspection and there where 3 points i have to look at, first thing, one of the struts needs to be replaced,second,the abs /trac off light came on ,and there was a hole rusted in the rocker panel on the drivers side.
so i fix the abs /trac off light with some contact spray,and replace the strut.
the mechanic,also owner of the garage offers me to use his car lift and tools to lower the cost and repair the rocker panel by my own.
the mechanic also do restoration on old cars and watching sometimes over my shoulder,my son in law give's me a helping hand.
first thing to do was take of the side skirt,after done that we located the rust aria and poked around with a screwdriver.

we started to cut the aria out.

it was pretty infected,so we cutting some more.

now its time to take all the rust away and clean the place ,after that we started with welding a new sheet of metal in it.

now we sprayed sinc spray on it, and let it dry,we finished it with an special oil what dry up with a hard surface,rust have no change to come back again.

time for the second sheet of metal.

we use spot welding,to avoid to much heat,the mechanic told us to do that,we grind off the spots.

time to finish,drill the hole's for the side skirts,sinc spray on the new metal,and sprayed trough the hole's with the special oil,so the whole rocker panel is protected inside.

last thing we did,kit the seals with a polymer kit,and sprayed the whole rocker panel with bitumen spray,forgot to take pics of that,sorry ,

now my car can hit the road again, he passed the inspection, the oil i talked about is Castrol Rustilo 181,sorry for some bad english,i tought it where a good idea to post it here.

greetings from holland and have a nice day
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