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Originally posted by "Grouch"+--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE ("Grouch")</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>This section is for members to give real world reviews and opinions about parts, products and services they have purchased and/or installed on their vehicles.;-) ONLY ONE THREAD PER PRODUCT!;-) If you want to post a review about Eibach Springs and there is already an Eibach Springs thread, use that thread, do not start a new thread.;-) Only post reviews of products YOU actually have, installed, used, etc, NOT "I heard that" or "My buddy has" reviews. Only review products readily available to the public, no homemade or rigged stuff.;-)

There will be no flaming, attacking, harassing, insulting, etc, other members about their reviews, comments or questions.;-) There is a way to tactfully raise the BS flag without doing the previous listed statements.;-) Feel free to use a Product Review thread to get more information, clarification or other questions about that product or review.

Thread Title: Bazooka Joe's Springs

Store/Site purchased:
Store service, contact, delivery, problems, props:

Initial product impressions, quality:
Instructions, good, bad, none, etc:
Installation notes, easy, hard, PITA:
If not self installed, cost of installation:

Performance, appearance opinions:
Any other thoughts about the product:

You don't have to follow the above format, it is just a suggestion and gets most of the pertinant information out there.;-) I use it as it is easier for me, but type up a review the way that's easiest for you.[/b]


REVIEWS WANTED!!! Come on it's an easy and simple way to up your post count!

I know their are some peeps out there with these products on your car. Tell us what you think about them!

HR Springs
Eibach Springs
KYB Struts
Monroe Struts
Powerslot Rotors
swaybars (anti-roll :wink: )

Ported Throttle Bodies & Manifolds
Borla cat-back
Taylor Plug wires
AutoTrans Interceptor
ASE Chips
Underdrive Pulleys

Intelliglo Needles
Speedhut guages
Q-Logic Kick Panels
Katskinz Leather

and anything else that I don't have listed here! Check threads for same manufacturer products and use exsisting thread if there is one. If there isn't one, start a new one. :wink: If you have a review of something in another section of the site, PM me with the link or where it is at.
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