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Originally Posted by gerry View Post
I've needed a new windshield for a few months but this weekend the crack started growing.

So yesterday morning I go to the garage and the owner is all smiles and "no problem" but can only do it tomorrow I don't have the part. If I order it now it will get here at 4 and we close at 5. Can you come early tomorrow?

So the next day I pop in, 1/2 day of work lost.. And the freaking guy says he has a few other customer ahead of me. Then he orders the windshield on the phone right then and there!

So then he says he'll only be able to work on it in the afternoon because he doesn't have the part.

Ok, so why am I here at 7.30 am watching you order the part?

It gets better, he tells me he will call when the part gets there but it will only be in the afternoon.

I decide to drive the 25 min to work and just leave early instead.

I walk in the office and I call the guy just to say no rush I'll leave work at 2 and only miss a couple of hours.

His reply... The tech is on his way and I was looking for your car, I can't find it?

My answer... I asked you if I leave my car here and you said it will be later so don't bother, I'll call you. Uh I also never gave you my keys?

"oh yeah, I guess we both misunderstood"

Losing it! So I drive back and he says "I've got a tech here with nothing to do heh heh"

You mother fu*@!!!..I bite my tongue and say nothing and go to a diner across the street. My car sat there in front for an hour.

So still waiting.. Any bets I waste my whole day here?


I would call him next week and tell him you need another windshield. When he says it is in tell him to eat his own ass.
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So did you have to pay the $250 deductible? Around here, you can get a new windshield put on for less than $200....
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