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The Rules !!

Here it is all together and very clear

* Registration-
Anyone wishing to join the growing community must apply for membership. You MUST provide a real and valid email address, and reply to an automatic email for your registration to go through. Anyone is welcome to join, but keep in mind that being a part of the community is a privilege, not a right… so please act in a dignified manner.

* Forum Access-
Forum access is now limited to registered members only. Our community is growing every day, and we need to conserve bandwidth to maintain a highly functional and well-organized community.

* Regular Membership Access-
Once registration is complete, you will be able to read forums and topics, post and reply to posted topics, and create poll questions. Sticky and Announcement topics can only be made by moderators or site administrators. Contact one of them if you wish to sticky or announce a topic. You can also upload photos with the beta photo uploader.

* Behavior Policy-
This is a public community, but you will be expected to act in a decent manner while posting and replying to posts on Please refrain from ANY racial comments. Profane language will be tolerated for the most part, with the exception of the “F” word. Please try to refrain from putting profane language in the title areas of threads. If your behavior is deemed to be inappropriate by any of the site administrators, you will receive a warning. A number of inappropriate behaviors in a small time frame can result in a permanent IP ban from

* Bashing-
Please keep in mind that this is a public forum. If you ask for opinions about something you have done, you can receive critical comments as well as positive ones. Do not take this personally, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If someone doesn’t like what you have done, then ignore them and move on. Excessive abusive comments towards another member. For example, if someone posts a picture of a car that you think is horrible, it is ok to post your opinion that is horrible in your opinion. However, it is NOT ok to say something like "your car is a piece of crap, you should just drive it off a cliff to make it look better." Additionally, keep in mind that if it is you that started a thread, and someone has some negative comments, you should NOT get angry at someone just because they don't like what you've done. Everyone IS entitled to their own opinions. Replying angrily only leads to more bashing. Bashing other members and getting into fights is not allowed, if you have a personal problem with a member, take it up with them on pm. We don't care about your dirty laundry.

* Flaming/Flame Wars-
The act of puposely insulting, exchanging insults with one or more members in a hurtful or disrespectful way is called a flame. Please do not involve yourself in this type of activity. It is destructive to the community, and a pain for the administrators to deal with. Please don't carry out your beefs with any other car community or forum on this site. This is a place to discuss Oldsmobile Aleros, not flame on other cars/message boards, and bash or comment on their practices. Every board has their own agendas, and the owners can run them however they please.

* Off Topic Threads-
Occasionally, a thread that started with a good intention can veer way off topic. If this happens, the thread will either be cleaned and salvaged, moved to the Off Topic forum, or perhaps deleted. Please don’t become offended, just start a new thread if it is deleted because it went off topic. If someone consistly alway posts off topic in multiple threads, this person is know to us as a thread crapper and can and will recieve a warning for doing so. There is a section for off-topic stuff and please keep it to there. Posting off-topic in the for sale or wanting to buy section will get you a warning. Please avoid this behavior of thread crapping in any section outside of the anything off topic section.

* Street Racing Stories- does not condone or encourage street racing. Illegal street races are dangerous to yourselves and all the innocent bystanders you come in contact with. We have seen that posting street race stories leads to unnecessary debating and flame wars.

Also, please don’t post hypothetical races… such as “Can I beat a Corvette?” Such questions spark debates and can not be answered with any degree of accuracy.

* Searching-
Before you ask a question, particularly a simple question, please try a search for the topic first. There are thousands of threads, and there is a good chance that your question has already been answered!

* Calling Out By Name-
Please do not start threads with the topic “Hey JOHN” or “Yo NICK” or anything like that. Put the question or point in the topic of the thread. Any “calling out” threads will be deleted. Also, refrain from challenging people. If you need to ask someone a question directly, use the PM (Private Message) option.

* Post Contents-
Please do not post any content that is sexually explicit, offensive, illiegal or disgusting in nature. This includes links to other sites, avatars, sigs, etc. If you have any question as to what may or may not be allowed contact a staff member before posting it.

* Inactive Accounts-
Please at least post from time to time. Accounts inactive for 3 months will be deleted. Also, new accounts with 0 posts will be deleted in 1 month. No multiple accounts allowed.

* Signatures Policy-
Please only have 1 picture in your signature, and please keep it to 550x150 pixels at the largest. Multiple signature pics are not going to be allowed. Also, if you have a sig pic, please limit your use of text in the sigs to 2 lines. If you do not have a sig pic, please limit the text in your sigs to 4 lines. If you are abusive with your sig pics, we may disable them at any time without notice individually or for the entire forum.

* Working around word filters-
Look, We really do not want to be strict about working around word filter, so please don't work around the word filters because if a moderator or administrator sees that, they will give you a warning.

*Fine Print-
A moderator or Administrator can also give warnings for any other reason they deem necessary. They have the power to give warnings in any of their forums. Some examples of why a warning might be given by a moderator or administrator in their section; physically threatening another member, excessive or poor-taste sexual content, racist statements, religious intolerance, ethnic intolerance, etc.

* Posting an Alero on here just to bash the owner/car is 100% not allowed and warnings will be issued to those who take part in the thread and continue bashing. We do not need that form of publicity, because that's not what Aleromod is about.

* Bashing admins/mods is not allowed, if you have a personal problem with one of us. Either bring it to their attention via pm or pm another admin if there is a questionable warning and it will be resolved.
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