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Originally Posted by That01Olds View Post
I would say try clearing the code and see if it comes back. I would also maybe throw some Heet and Gumout or something similar in there the next time you fill up and see if that helps any.

The car just may not have liked something that was in the gas from that mom and pop shop causing it to run more rich than normal and if you hadn't used all of the gas from there when you filled up again, it could still be lingering in the fuel system somewhere. The Heet will take out any moisture in the fuel system while the Gumout will clean it out. Then I would go from there if you're still having issues after that.

Thanks! I will do that today.
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Originally Posted by AleroJones View Post
Thanks! I will do that today.

No problem at all! A lot of times those small mom and pop type stations use a different type of gas mixture. Current cars and some older cars like Alero's are only designed to run on a mixture of up to 10% ethanol. No ethanol is ideal, but up to 10% won't hurt most modern cars. Unless you have a FlexFuel car or a car tuned to run specifically on E85. Then you can go more than 10%. So if for whatever reason that particular station was using more than a 10% ethanol mix in their pumps that right there could be the culprit.
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