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Since it seems everyone is having trouble uploading pictures, please use these simple rules. It will save you frustration, and it will save me work.

#1. only allows .gif and .jpg files to be uploaded. If it is any other format, you will have to use a program to convert it. Almost any photo editing software will let you do this. Failure to use these formats will give you an error message when you try to post a pic.

#2. We can not allow large pictures to be uploaded because of bandwidth issues. Most digital cameras take huge multi-mega-pixel images, and they will need to be scaled down to a smaller size to upload them. For the web, 600x600 maximum pixels is really fine. Again, almost any photo editing software can do this. Failure to do this will also give you an error message when you try to post a pic.

#3. To post a pic in a thread, you can't use the fast reply box. You'll have to either use the "start new" button to start a new thread or "add reply" button to open the full reply page. Under the section where you type the text of the message, and under the post icons, you'll see a "file attachments" section. Use this to locate the pic on your hard drive. Then click "post new topic."

#4. You can use a 3rd party site like,, and others to post pictures. To do this, upload your pics there, and then right click on the picture after it is uploaded. Then, click on "properties" and highlight the file location. Hit CTRL+C to copy the location. Then use the [img] tags and use CTRL+V to paste the location in between the tags.

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